Post 71: Hamne kati hein teri yaad mein rateen aksar

Prabhat Dayal
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हमने काटी हैं तिरी याद में रातें अक्सर

Jan Nisar Akhtar ( born 18.02.1914- died 19.08.1976) was a renowned shayar from a family of poets ,which claimed a lineage for four generations. His father Muztar Khairbadi was himself a renowned poet. His son Javed Akhtar and grandson Farhan Akhtar need no introduction. His notable contributions include ‘Khaak -e-dil’ published in 1973.

उनके बारे में मशहूर शायर निदा फ़ाजली लिखते हैं- "जांनिसार आख़िरी दम तक जवान रहे। बुढ़ापे में जवानी का यह जोश उर्दू इतिहास में एक चमत्कार है जो उनकी याद को शेरो-अदब की महफ़िल में हमेशा जवान रखेगा"।

Some of his more popular shers include:

1.आहट सी कोई आए तो लगता है कि तुम हो
साया कोई लहराए तो लगता है कि तुम हो !

2.आँखों में जो भर लोगे तो काँटों से चुभेंगे

ये ख़्वाब तो पलकों पे सजाने के लिए हैं!

3.लोग कहते हैं कि तू अब भी ख़फ़ा है मुझ से

तेरी आँखों ने तो कुछ और कहा है मुझ से!

4.ये इल्म का सौदा ,ये रिसाले, ये किताबें

इक शख़्स की यादों को भुलाने के लिए हैं!

हमने काटी हैं तिरी याद में रातें अक्सर

दिल से गुज़री हैं सितारों की बरातें अक्सर

I have spent so often and so many sleepless nights remembering you!

A long processions of stars have passed through my heart!!

और तो कौन है जो मुझको तसल्ली देता
हाथ रख देती हैं दिल पर तिरी बातें अक्सर

Who else is there to console me?

Your simple words give my heart such a peaceful ,soothing feeling!

हुस्न शाइस्ता-ए-तहज़ीब-ए-अलम है शायद
ग़मज़दा लगती हैं क्यों चाँदनी रातें अक्सर

Beauty probably is like a purification through pain, anguish?

Why very often, moonlit nights feel so depressing!

हाल कहना है किसी से तो मुख़ातिब हो कोई
कितनी दिलचस्प, हुआ करती हैं बातें अक्सर

To explain my plight ,one should be inclined to listen, agree to be addressed!

How interesting and captivating are our conversations generally!

इश्क़ रहज़न न सही, इश्क़ के हाथों फिर भी
हमने लुटती हुई देखी हैं बरातें अक्सर

Yes love is not a robber or a highwayman,

Still old love has robbed so many of love in their married life !

हम से इक बार भी जीता है न जीतेगा कोई
वो तो हम जान के खा लेते हैं मातें अक्सर

No one has ever defeated me nor will anyone defeat me in future!

Still I have embraced so many defeats willingly, knowingly, for my love!!

उनसे पूछो कभी चेहरे भी पढ़े हैं तुमने
जो किताबों की किया करते हैं बातें अक्सर

Ask those who talk of books so often, whether they have ever read the expressions, reactions on the face of the other?

हमने उन तुन्द हवाओं में जलाये हैं चिराग़
जिन हवाओं ने उलट दी हैं बिसातें अक्सर

We have lighted lamps even in swift winds, hurricanes!

Winds that have changed the entire stakes and equations!!

Hariharan (born 3rd April 1955) is a name to be reckoned in the music scenario of the country and even the World. He has innumerable admirers. He has now been singing for more than 45 years and has more than 15,000 songs in 10 languages to his credit. He has been conferred the ‘Padma Shri’, in 2004 besides the ‘Best male playback singer’ National Award in 1998 and 2009.

Roop Kumar Rathod ( Born 10th June 1973) is an established singer in Indian film industry besides being active in producing music albums of his own. He is also an excellent tabla player. His song in film Border, ‘ Sandase aatae hain’ was a watershed moment.

Anjani Tiwari is singing this gazal under his own and Kishan Swaroop’s music direction. Anjani Tiwari has been very active in Bhojpuri music scene.

This is a romantic gazal and needs to be listened to in a relaxed scenario with all the props that make your evening pleasant. Enjoy and send me your reactions. Pleeeeeeseee.

Have a safe fortnight!